After the completion of the office tests of the first prototype of WIND-ER 5.2, the field tests were started.

The design parameters of small scale vertical axis wind turbine WIND-ER were studied by 100% in-house. Thanks to its Darrieus design, it always produces torque in the same direction, independently from the direction of the wind. The WIND-ER series turbines are operated at low rotational speeds thus makes the WIN-DER environmentally friendly and comfortable due to the its silent operational characteristics. 

For the performance tests of the first prototypes which have 1kW and 0.5kW rated powers, the recommendations of the Annex-H of the IEC-61400-12:2017 standard is employed. Therefore, a wind measurement station was  also installed within the same site of WIND-ER 5.2. Following parameters are being logged in each second by the data logger of ZENITH manufactured by KINTECH ENGINEERING:

  • Wind Speed (m/s)
  • Wind Direction (degrees)
  • Temperature (C)
  • Humidity (%)
  • Pressure (mbar)

All measured datas are stored as 10min. average to the datalogger and followed by WIND-ER Engineers as real time. 

R&D studies to improve manufacturing techniques of the blades are going on. In addition to current blades, steel and composites prototypes are being manufacturing now. NACA4418 type air foil with 38cm chord length is employed for the WIND-ER 5.2.

WIND-ER targets the global, off-grid, small scale wind turbine market in global. After sales becomes solid, 10kW size on-grid version will be developed as next models of WIND-ER series. 

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